When our city tires left the comfort of the well-known paved streets and bumped along the gravel roads of the country we knew we were getting close. As our small caravan pulled up next to a partly finished barn we were greeted by the constant commotion of a working farm – trucks pulling flatbed trailers down well-worn dirt paths as people picked the best pots for that week’s market, shouts of hello to the newcomers, and bouts of laughter in the distant fields. We had arrived.

With the summer growing season behind us the greenhouse was beginning to show signs of hibernation; plastic pots stacked at the end of the aisles, stubborn zinnias and sweet potato vine thriving in the unattended corners, and baskets of Indian corn being readied for market. After touring the greenhouse, we all jumped into the pickup truck and headed out to the first pumpkin field, also known as the giant pumpkin patch. Rows and rows of the largest pumpkins they grew this year, some weighing as much as 150 to 200 pounds.

With the largest pumpkins selected we jumped back in the truck to head to the gourd fields. Bumping along the dirt path gave us a chance to enjoy the slight breeze as our eyes wandered the vast fields of kale and corn. The gourds were a little harder to spot when we arrived, hiding under twisted vines and large leaves shading them from the sun. The search began, finding the most unusual and uniquely colored gourds became a scavenger hunt. With little visibility we began to wander further from the dirt road, weaving our way through different gourd varieties. The hard part was finding our various piles of gourds at the end of the day.

It was finally time to load up the truck and bring all of our finds back to fleurdetroit! We began with the largest pumpkins, bundles of corn stalks, baskets of Indian corn, and piles of hand-selected gourds. It was a successful day at the pumpkin farm.