DSC_0453The queen of the snow, the very first breath of Persephone; the Hellebore greets each garden with her first blooms, as early as January in most Michigan gardens, and continues to re-bloom through early spring. The clumping nature of these blooms amplifies the colour in the early, stark garden.

A garden without hellebores is a garden lacking depth and breadth. The sturdy and glossy foliage is a favorite of mine throughout the growing season. The texture cannot be replicated with other perennials in the garden and the bloom is, in actuality, a pleasant addition.  I like to plant masses of hellebores to create the ever green carpet in woodland gardens. I enjoy the harmonious nature of the hellebore family. They blend nicely with other woodland companion plants such as the erythroniums (Trout Lily). Both blaze in the early spring assuring us here in the Midwest that spring is coming and the winter winds are gone for another year.

trout lily

trout lily

There are so many under used plants for the garden out in the world. Most big box nurseries have jammed “bread and butter” varieties down our throats for far too long, such as ‘Stella Dora’ Lilies and ‘knock out roses’.  I suggest finding growers online that specialize in the native plants and peruse their comprehensive lists of these early garden jewels. Most growers love getting phone calls and will talk about their plants for hours with you. We have developed a fine relationship with one such Grower, Barry Glick at Sunshine Farms. Barry’s knowledge and enthusiasm always leads to exciting conversations and new discoveries. Please see the link below for Barry’s website.

I have enjoyed the hellebore in my gardens and clients’ for years. They are a very long lived perennial that will ensure the hope of spring to come for many years. Stop in to fleurdetroit to purchase some of these jewels or call Barry directly and get your order in soon!

Photos below courtesy of Barry Glick at Sunshine Farm & Gardens

Sunshine Farm & Gardens