The seasons, no matter how late or off in temperature timing, continue to keep spinning forward. Joe and I have been so unaware of how much time has been put behind us as we march forward with the businesses and with friends. We are continuously investing all of ourselves and our time into making our contribution to the community matter. Most of our clients have traveled along side of us from the beginning supporting every step. We are also amazed at how many more wonderful people there still are that find their way into Fleurdetroit weekly. AS we age and the businesses grow we evolve and welcome all of the new people into our lives. We are embracing the seasons and friends entirely as we move forward in time. Grateful and humbled by the time and success we have been granted, we take time to embrace the past and celebrate each moment in this continuum we all are a part of. I found myself spending the morning looking at old photographs and laughing at how much has changed.

Our Pups have grown up, our atelier has grown, we established another studio, the campus has changed, all of us have grown a little older. We are appreciative of our staff and support from our family and friends. Life is great on this fourth of July.

Vilda and Soames as pups – six years ago and recently amongst the petasites.

Joe and I eleven years ago and as recent as last season.