In cooler regions, like the Midwest, succulents become more prevalent during late spring and summer. We are often asked what the best way to care for these delicate, albeit easy to care for, desert dwellers. Our best advice when determining care for a new plant is to think about the plant’s natural habitat. Succulents occur naturally in hot, dry environments with heavy bouts of rain during monsoon season.

With this in mind the best soil for succulents is a mixture of sand and soil in a well-draining container. We don’t want the soil to stay too moist after watering or for the succulents to be sitting in water.

Often times succulents only need to be watered once a week. Check the soil and only water when it has become bone dry. When it is time to water they need to be drenched, think heavy afternoon rainstorm. If you can, the easiest way to water your succulents is to place them in the sink and let the water run straight through the container.

When finding the perfect location for your succulents to thrive look for a spot that has all day direct sun. A south facing window or outdoor space is a great place to enjoy your succulent garden.

Succulents are a very low maintenance way to add a variety of textures and colors to your outdoor living space. They are great in containers and well-draining garden locations, just remember that they don’t like the winter weather of the Midwest. We love them as patio accents and table centerpieces, the containers can easily be brought in for the colder winter months.

What have you done with succulents in your garden?