Break out the lake toys and margaritas, summer is here and it is starting to feel like it! With temperatures reaching 90* our gardens are becoming vibrant and…thirsty! Every season has its challenges between the winter chill and summer heat we have to watch our watering and fertilizing schedules. Now is the time to get into a summer plant routine, marking your calendars with reminders. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your garden happy and healthy until it is time to switch it over for autumn!


+ When watering trees and flower beds be sure to water the area surround the plant, not just the plant itself. This helps ensure that deep roots (not visible to us) are also getting watered.
+ In the heat soil will dry out quickly, be sure to water multiple times a day if the soil feels dry.
+ Investing in a soaker hose system can help maintain your garden with little upkeep. (Pro tip – this also encourages deep roots as it keeps the soil moist deeper.)
+ If your soil is sandy mix in a clay amendment to help it retain water. A sandy soil mixture will dry out quicker.
+ Cover the soil with a mulch or pebble to help limit evaporation.
+ Watering in early morning or after sunset gives the water a chance to soak into the ground before it evaporates.
+ Pruning is important during the summer to allow plants to use energy for new growth rather than expending energy on dead foliage.
+ Fertilizer should be applied more liberally during the summer months to help with the extra energy the plant needs to grow after the dormant winter months.
+ Weeds aren’t just ugly they keep your garden from thriving. Be sure to remove the whole weed when pulling (including the root system). This keeps it from coming back and gives your garden the chance to use all the nutrients found in your soil.

Potted (Containers)

+ Cluster potted plants together to help create a small ecosystem of cooler damp space between containers.
+ When choosing outdoor planters keep in mind drainage and look for pots with at least one hole in the bottom.
+ Buy potting soil that helps with moisture control or has an existing fertilizer mixed in.
+ Be sure to choose plants that fit the amount of sun it will be exposed to. A full shade plant will burn in a sunny spot and a full sun plant will have limited growth in a shady spot. Read the tags and plan your pots accordingly.
+ A glazed pot will take longer for the soil to dry out due to being water resistant. Terra cotta and unglazed pottery will dry out quicker since it allows the moisture to escape through the clay.

Summer is an exciting time in your garden with plants seeming to bloom overnight and an abundance of edible plant choices. This is the season of almost instant gratification with how quickly your plants will react to pruning, fertilizer, and watering. Send us your garden pictures to be featured in an upcoming blog post!