Fleurdetroit – birmingham

We are so happy to unveil our second location ! Our jewel box in birmingham has officially opened to a warm welcome from the community. Fresh, exotic and romantic stems greet all that enter. No floral trapped in coolers. We believe all floral should be enjoyed by the senses in a home environment and therefore floral displays are out amongst the merchandise. Stop by for the perfect gift and visit Courtney and her city team.

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Fleurdetroit Turns ONE

Urbanscapesdetroit’s ‘lil sister turned one in April and we couldn’t be more proud. The rapidly evolving world we have created has already taken us on adventures to fill several novels. The world of fleurdetroit has attracted so many fun spirits. We are continuously grateful to our current clients that have helped grow our brands and to those new clients that are now involved in our wild little world in Bloomfield Hills. For those of you that came to our now…

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