Much like our industry, the magazine world has many talented people in the hive that make a publication possible. We recently had our home and gardens shot for an upcoming Detroit Home Spread and witnessed first hand all of the talent from many people that will contribute to the final product.

We have worked with Joe Vaughn and his team before on another styling shoot for the Curis home in Grosse Point Shores and had great synergy then, as well as during our shoot. Jessica Decker the art director for Hour Media group is by far one of the nicest and sharp gals I have ever met. Her eye is very discerning and personality a bench mark for all of us to attain. We just adore Jessica and will do almost anything for her to make her life easier.

The small army descended on our home at an early hour-600 am- to capture the cool blue light of the morning on Maplewood. My Joe and I were up very late the night before finishing last details, we thought to be important-little did we know our eagle eyes for detail are not necessarily picked up in the focused frame of Joe’s camera. Regardless, we felt better knowing every inch of our home was now camera ready. Although a little ego is healthy, we certainly don’t posses horrific egos and knew we needed to have a third unbiased eye walk our space to help arrange some of the pieces. This is when we asked our friend Mike Coyne to walk our home and critique. Anytime with Coyne is a good time and he was very helpful with some great ideas.

The whole preparation was a very cathartic exercise in regaining our home environment, due to all of our efforts for the past two years going into the new division of our business. We brought our home up to the standards we inflict upon our clientele when on their projects. We once again have a big boy home and are pleased to be able to share the way we live when not at work. Our interests are always focused upon great design and things that make us feel good. Our home environment is always evolving as we age and our experiences are broadened. The beauty is that we realize nothing is static and everything in this world is in flux. Although my tendencies are to grow deep roots, I do realize as I get older, one must be able to role with the new day.

For years I have read Rebecca Power’s articles in Hour and Detroit Home, always admiring her style and personality with the pen, never though, did I think we would eventually meet and become friends. Becky has a spirit about her that is not rare but not common. My connection to these spirits is immediate and long lasting. I meet many lovely people on a daily basis in my everyday activities, most of which are wonderful spirits on their own. I have a mental chest of the spirits though, that touch me in ways I still cannot define. I know their energy has been apart of mine in the past and feels like home when I meet up with them once again. My home is a personal refuge much as homes are to others. It was comforting to have my new friend or newly rediscovered spirit sister in my space. Naturally conversation was not static and we meandered about with stories of collecting object, people and architecture. The comfort for me was knowing nothing was forced and we departed knowing a friendship had been galvanized by our similar interests in people, object, and home. I look forward to her take on our home and personalities in her upcoming article.

As I finish and run off to open the atelier for the day I want to impart one last thought: A talented team will achieve far better product than one individual who thinks themselves a God. Remember to try to always be a team player but don’t lose your own voice. Be constructive when working with others and trust their talents will make the collective achieve great things.