Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree
These trees are perfect for our icy winters and year-round windy conditions while providing brilliant fall color! If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, mess-free, and quick-growing maple tree then the Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree is the perfect addition to your yard. When planting be careful of the surrounding area, the root system is shallow and can cause damage to nearby structures.
Quick Facts: Grows 40-50 ft high and 30-40 ft wide | Needs Full Sun | Acer rubrum

Tulip Poplar
A beautiful blooming tree in the spring and a brilliant color-changer in the autumn, the Tulip Poplar is a unique blooming tree. The spring flowers resemble a tulip and attract birds and small wildlife with its delightful fragrant nectar. The Tulip Poplar is highly resistant to disease and insects as well as easy to grow in most climates.
Quick Facts: Grows ~70 ft high and 30-40 ft wide | Needs Full Sun | Liriodendron tulipifera

Cleveland Pear Tree
With very little pruning needed the Cleveland Pear Tree grows in a tight, symmetrical shape naturally. Every spring the tree will explode with pure white flowers and every fall the leaves will turn a dark red, making it a beautiful addition to any yard. Don’t plant close to any buildings or recreational areas as the tree can emit a strong smell and crack during ice storms.
Quick Facts: Grows 30-40 ft high and 15-20 ft wide | Needs Full Sun | Pyrus calleryana ‘Cleveland Select’

Autumn Cherry Tree
This is the most cold-hardy flowering tree available with blooms in both spring and fall seasons. It is easy to grow almost anywhere and adds color even while other trees are going bare.
Quick Facts: Grows 20-40 ft high and 15-25 ft wide | Needs Full Sun | Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’

Ginkgo Tree
The unique leaves of the ginkgo tree make it easily recognizable with the added benefit of bright yellow fall foliage early in the season. It is best to find a male variety as it doesn’t bear fruit or emit the smell that the female variety is known for.
Quick Facts: Grows 40-70 ft high and 30-40 ft wide | Needs Full to Partial Sun | Ginkgo biloba

American Sycamore
With a thick canopy and fast growth the American Sycamore provides a ton of shade during the summer. As the seasons change a smooth, white bark will develop during the winter and the leaves will drop, allowing the sun to peek through the branches. The American Sycamore is a wonderful tree for urban areas as it is pollution tolerant.
Quick Facts: Grows ~70 ft high and ~50 ft wide | Needs Full to Partial Sun | Platanus occidentalis

Black Tartarian Cherry Tree
The Black Tartarian Cherry Tree is a rapid grower meaning it will bear fruit sooner than most cherry tree varieties and can be grown organically. Make sure to plant at least two of these trees for optimal pollination.
Quick Facts: Grows ~15 ft high and ~10 ft wide | Needs Full Sun | 700 Chill Hours | Prunus