Joe and I want to say thank you to our amazing staff for continuously giving us 100 percent on a daily basis to make our companies stand out above the competition. It takes the hands of many to keep a creative company pushing forward! From our field men to our book keeper and CPA – we have assembled a great team and we say thank you. Thank you Jody for your ongoing creativity and great attitude especially over the past several months helping us get this party together. The French Soiree was a smash hit! The girls from the Green Zebra food truck, Chef Jack Leone/Tracy and Giani from Long Lake Market, Bill Cole our Accordion player and of Course the star of the evening Roxy Dlite our Burlesque dancer helped make the event a stellar hit.

Thank you to Matt, Ryan, Miriam, Big Phil, Cindy Lou, Coco,Fran, Anna, Ryan b, Juan, Sam, Joe G, Lee, and everyone else who continue to help us grow and have fun producing great work and creative narratives for the community and clientele. We say thank you to all of our vendors and clientele who continue to help us flourish! The future is most certainly bright for Fleurdetroit!