Urbanscapesdetroit’s ‘lil sister turned one in April and we couldn’t be more proud. The rapidly evolving world we have created has already taken us on adventures to fill several novels. The world of fleurdetroit has attracted so many fun spirits. We are continuously grateful to our current clients that have helped grow our brands and to those new clients that are now involved in our wild little world in Bloomfield Hills.

For those of you that came to our now legendary “French” party and all of the new friends we have met, it is a known certainty that the team at fleurdetroit will most assuredly have fun events to mark on the social calendar. We recently hosted David Stark: famed event producer, artist, author and cool guy in the new studio space to celebrate his latest book. We had a delightful morning and were all energized by his spirit and creativity! We are not sitting on our laurels but are certainly letting the businesses evolve around us as time pushes forward. We are excited about the future and grateful for the huge embrace this community has given us. We have been told we are “The friendly Creatives”! Stop in to see what’s new!   Cheers to everyone that has supported us and we look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries.