Like a Glacial flow over the tundra, winter this season is bringing change to the landscape at fleurdetroit. A once flat plain is now being further shaped into a remarkable creative campus and business, bringing together many arms of design. The landscape design arm has been cutting its teeth for close to 15 years now, working on some rather remarkable projects and those projects that have taught us greatly about good and bad choices. We are learning and growing at exponential rates these days as we add new creative spirits to the team. Most people, I would assume know, all successful businesses have a foundation built on talented people that help elevate and take the business to a higher level of success. This is most assuredly the case here under the urbanscapesdetroit umbrella of companies.

Success is absolutely defined by many factors but, for the current stream of consciousness Id rather focus on success in customer relations or exceedingly well executed design. A healthy creative group that has a synergy to be able to support one another and yet have individuals able to voice an alternative thought without retribution is so very healthy and successful. We have grown from our landscape design roots in a few new directions that are very exciting and are filling voids in the Michigan “landscape”. I always pontificate about all of the talent in Michigan and will continue to do so, as I value and appreciate so many creatives around us, but for us; we are capturing some of those talents and adding them to our team to create a collective of sorts. This collective of floral designers, landscape designers and recently the new division of event planning allows us to be under the same campus roof. By doing this we have found the creative sparks are flying! We are able to provide different levels of detail and service that stem from such a collective.

Unlike the geologic time scales the change at the atelier is happening fast. The new retail arm of our business has really exceeded our expectations in the first season running. With the desire of so many people to have place to find great object, welcoming staff or a creative environment, we know we have and will fill a niche. We will continuously strive to branch out and collectively work with in house creatives and those abroad. Although Ego can be healthy, I have learned very early on there is always someone out there with talents or abilities a bit beyond mine. As a owner of this new campus of creatives and atelier I am charged with the role to promote healthy egos and positive aspirations and to nurture all of our growth in the learning process. Most importantly, I am charged with finding those creatives that will ultimately add value to our current projects and bring the best product or event to our clients. I do and have admired the crazed egos that exist, however, here and now, as I help the glacier “shape” the course of our landscape at the atelier; my focus is on a friendly welcoming environment that allows clients to be a part of a project in an environment that is creative, fun and ultimately tailors a project to best suit their needs.

From landscape Design, the atelier filled with treasures, Floral from the atelier and now Event planning; our adventure in life is taking us and our clients to fun places!

We are currently working on improving the web site and further tweaking the experience ! Stay tuned – The New landscape being shaped at the campus and atelier will blow one’s mind!