This morning, I found myself layering in multiple layers of smart wool and cable knits: not quite able to achieve a level of comfort needed to strike out on this chilly Sunday morning.  A quick drive to get coffee, b l a c k of course, and off to the atelier.

Coffee is now gone but the heart burn from the doughnut persists as does the chill in my bones. To think  I was just tickled a few weeks ago with a minor cold spell?! The work that comes with this one is daunting to think about. I know there really isnt going to be a huge Indian Summer this time. We have to move all of our citrus and tropical ferns in for the winter. We have many plants for clients that we need to gather up and transport to their winter slumber grounds. At this very moment I am looking out the window into the back annex at the Giant Stag Horn ferns Joe and I have had for years, shivering in the shadows of the autumn clouds. I feel horrible and  am tempted to un lash them from their wall homes and bring them inside the atelier.   I just turned the furnace on for the first time this season and the acrid smell of the fresh heat tickles my nose hairs but warms my bones. I know the ferns would appreciate the warm up.

As I run off to play the hero, I end by stating, Life is great in Michigan when the autumn season hits! I ll suffer heart burn for great cider mill doughnut, run nonstop to gather all of our tropical friends for the season or even relish the morning ritual of layers to strike out on these brisk mornings in Michigan. I love our State and love what we do. BE well my friends and take in what Michigan has to offer each  fall!