Fleurdetroit! object floral styling

So it can be said; although our Journey has begun over 15 years ago as gardeners,designers and collectors, our first steps as owners of an atelier began last fall as our jet lifted off the ground  heading to Europe to begin sourcing object and pottery directly. Following our passions, this adventure has progressed into the culmination of one really fantastic collection of garden and interior object.  The evolution and the process has been exciting and sometimes a bit stressful. We are thrilled to continuously evolve with the atelier and its offerings over time.   We also look forward to meeting passionate collectors and gardeners alike through the vehicle of our new atelier.

Building from our landscape Design company, urbanscapesdetroit, this new arm of the business has become the natural progression of our creative energies and passions. Our atelier and warehouse sit on a sizable amount of land in Bloomfield Hills with plenty of room to expand upon gardens and areas to show case our ever changing object.  urbanscapesdetroit continues to work on some fantastic projects around the state and Fleurdetroit is getting so many new commissions for floral work, large events and contracts for weekly floral arrangements in some of Oakland county’s most prestigious homes and beyond. We recently sent a large order of amazingly large, Casa Blanca lilies to the Hamptons on a private jet for a very supportive patron of ours who adored an installation we did for her in her Bloomfield Hills home and wanted it replicated beach side the following weekend.   We had commissions for custom containers we manufactured for a Key West Project which were featured in an article in Architectural Digest via a local interior designer, further extending our reach in the design community at large. We have been very busy with many exciting projects while developing the atelier.

We are happy to say from the southern reaches of Florida to the playgrounds of the Eastern Seaboard, Fleurdetroit disseminates good design and beauty!   Not to leave urbanscaesdetroit out of the light, we have also been noted in Architectural Digest for a Douglas Michigan landscape!

With Spring 2012, comes a new energy to Oakland county.  There is no secret, we are here and we look forward to providing the unique, unusual and dear object, floral and of course styling to all of our current clientele of urbanscapesdetroit and new alike!  Come visit us at the Atelier in Bloomfield Hills!