Life gives us broken pots. The kids are playing ball in the house, again, and your favorite ceramic pot meets its end. You’re wandering the latest flea market and fall in love with a container that has seen better days. For us we were renovating the garden shop when another pot was brought in the back office, broken. Our creative interior plant designer, Rachel, saw this as an opportunity for a fun indoor arrangement. Take back your broken pots and breathe new life into them with this unique tutorial:

Supplies: Broken Pot | Potting Soil | Various Succulents

Step 1 | Find a broken pot. *We do not condone the breaking of your beautiful pottery, but life happens.

Step 2 | Fill pot will proper soil for your chosen plants. We are using succulents so we grabbed a bag of cactus/succulent mix soil.

Step 3 | Begin with a focal point or the biggest plant you have, in this case we wanted the draping succulent in the front to be the focal point.

Step 4 | Next, start working your way towards the back of the pot, making sure you’re covering the broken edge for a more cohesive look. You can place the succulents however you like…let your creativity run wild! In this case, we wanted to add a tall succulent to the back of the pot to balance out the drama of the draping sedum in the front.

Step 5 | Add soil to fill in the spaces in between the succulents and make sure the soil is fairly compact. This step will prevent the roots from drying out and will prevent the plants from falling out as they grow.

Step 6 | Water and done!