AS The first day of Spring has come and gone, we find ourselves looking out of the atelier windows at a blanket of white. A chilled vista it is but, a welcome one for me. I can not stomach the thought of a warm up that confuses the trees this season as it did last. We lost too many early spring bloomers for me to want a fast warm up this season. I say take your time mother nature we are just spring enough in the atelier to hold us over.

Our vintage-English-floral buckets are filled with spring splendor despite that brisk outdoor chill. Spring blues, pinks, and yellows are now common fair in the atelier!  A fresh delivery of topiary, rosemary and other little jewels are now beginning to arrive. Just today two of our favorite growers delivered fresh beauties! We love these two sisters and have been friends with them for years. We are so pleased their operation is able to spread such wonderful product across the state!