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This month’s featured item comes to us all the way from Las Vegas! Each pot was hand-thrown and stamped with fleurdetroit, at $30 it is the perfect housewarming or thinking of you gift (includes plant).

In the Atelier with Valorie Scherr of Mornin' Glori Pottery

In the Atelier with Valorie Scherr of Mornin’ Glori Pottery

We’re in the studio with Valorie Scherr, the artist behind-the-wheel of Mornin’ Glori Pottery. Valorie creates beautiful and functional pottery from her studio in sunny Las Vegas.

“The process of working with clay on the wheel is meditative and relaxing for me,” she claims when asked what drew her to pottery. She enjoys long days, and nights, in her garage studio playing with the endless possibilities of clay, form, and glazing techniques.

Here’s our exclusive interview with Valorie Scherr:

Tell us about your workspace: Where do you do your creating and what tools do you use? What’s the most important tool in your workshop?

I do mostly functional pottery – mugs, berry bowls, nesting bowl sets, noodle bowls – to name a few.  I also have a line of yarn bowls for knitters and something I call a thread pot for quilters. This last item came to be from my own experiences as a quilter before I was introduced to ceramics. It is a great example of how I took an idea of something more decorative yet functional to hold large spools of thread from concept to reality.

How do you go from an idea to a finished product? Do you begin with sketches or start hands-on with the materials?

The process I use is a hands-on visual progression of ideas to a finished product that is functional yet aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy doing custom orders and working out the logistics to make it happen.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration all around me.  In ceramic publications and other artist’s processes, in tableware in a restaurant to forms in nature.  There is a balance in the form that pushes me to work the clay till it feels right.  That process happens in the throwing and trimming all the way through the surface decoration and finally the glazing and firing.

What’s next on the horizon for your shop? What are your goals for the future?

My online store is my main focus of getting my work to the public.  I have started to push myself to enter juried ceramic competitions to raise my work to another level of quality and creativity.  I hope to have my work in more galleries and to continue to do a few markets throughout the year.

In the Atelier with Valorie Scherr of Mornin' Glori Pottery