This is a quick response I emailed out to a woman interested in the table we just did for Variety-The Children’s Charity held at Pine Lake Country Club. Rather spontaneous in my response, I thought it an interesting Blog post- We certainly enjoy this event and support this charity. We also love when people reach out, congratulate and ask how was that done!


Thank you for taking interest in our table- The jumping off point was certainly a desire for the spring with all of its freshness and new green after the thaw. In the northern stretches of this country, all of us Northerners -long for the Spring- even those of us that love the winter time. There comes a point when our souls need the green. We all desire the awakening to happen.

We titled our table : Le Printemps-after the thaw. The awakening has begun.

Naturally we try to fold in the essence of the French in all that we do at fleurdetroit. Le Printemps= simply “spring”. We are trying to help promote Detroit in all of the markets by using it in both our landscape corporation-urbanscapesdetroit and now fleurdetroit. We celebrate Detroit’s second coming and are helping uplift the the past connotation of “Detroit”. The French history in Detroit naturally is being tagged as well with Fleur.

Our table incorporated lots of mossy goodness and ethereal woodland plants that helped conger up this “awakening” in the woodland. Slate stone chargers and lichen encrusted branches helped add the sense of realism. Ferns, ferns and more ferns added the green and the texture of the woodland. The ferns and their new fern curls alone gave a sense of movement, a sense of birth and renewal. Although intended to be pedestrian, the depression era glass-ware added the extra layer of green we were seeking. We elevated these family pieces in the setting and I feel made them seem quite precious, despite the original intentions with this glass ware line. Today this glass could be sold at Barneys! The elegant silver flatware from the early twentieth century had a lovely and simple floral motif, only discernible to the very few that caught that tiny detail. This table was set as if we lifted a piece of the woodland’s edge up and placed some linen and place settings down for a whimsical fete.


Anyone with imagination and some “oasis”( floral foam) could construct such a table. On a small scale, use a drink tray and create a small scape to be placed as a small center piece. Stack oasis, cover it with moss, use cuts from the garden-a branch that is budding, a hellebore that is beginning to bloom. We never limit ourselves to “floral”. There are so many textures in the garden that when combined are quite fantastic. Be free and don’t be afraid-any act of creativity is a great point to just do. Some of our best work is spontaneous and often only seen by a few people. We don’t set out to create the greatest work to be on exhibition at MOCAD-We just let the universe work through our hands and build. Collaboration is key for most of our best work too. When we all are “clicking” together- look out!

We wear many hats here at the atelier and are pushing towards event producing- We are creators of the things people are afraid to tackle- we are not afraid to think beyond the line of crazy- Kids at heart, we think in ways adults forgot how to – There are very little limits to our creativity when we have the patronage of our clientele. Dining-Parties-soirees should be experienced on many levels beyond just pretty. We often say we are the friendly creatives with little ego. We breath life into the everyday object and make it new and precious. Everyday at fleurdetroit is magic.
Look forward to your call! Best-Phillip