Our initial meeting with Jennifer Gilbert and Joanne Aronovitz at Doodle home regarding the rooftop of the Madison was rather kismet. It seems that the universe is connecting us with the most fascinating talent and personalities in the community. For this project, we are furthering their amazing vision, The Madison, by greening up the roof top with planters we are manufacturing at our atelier. The installation Will begin in a week or so, just after the fourth of July. We are following the lead of the cool, sleek space with concrete containers and plantings that feel equally as modern and forward thinking. The views from the roof top of the city are unrivaled and further the amazing energy of this space!

The Gilbert’s have been major catalysts in the rebirth of Detroit with their devotion and investment and we are thrilled to be a part of this creative renaissance. There has been a growing wave of enthusiasm surrounding the rebirth of Detroit and we are excited the wave is growing each year. So many of us in this region are recognizing the value of our great city and want to bring it back to its former glory. With that said, if each and everyone of us adds a little to this growing energy we can raise Detroit back from the brink.

One asks, “What can We Do?”- Dine downtown once a month, shop in any of the amazing new shops, go to the Opera, spend an evening at the Max, picnic on Belle Isle, Go to the DIA, visit the Eastern market, walk the River walk, visit the new art gallery:Long-Sharpe/Curis on library street, spend time and money, support those who are making a change. Any of these things or a myriad of other combinations of activities brings people back to the city to see all of the positive changes.

Detroit does have a long way to go but there is an upward energy an energy that is very tangible, an energy that has become contagious! We all need to help bury the stereotype of the decaying city and start spreading the positive news of all of the changes for the better. Detroit belongs to all of us and all of us should be proud of the efforts that so many are making to help lift our city up. Come back to Detroit and be a part of the rebirth!