Oregano Kokedama

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately then you have seen the abundance of spring ideas and trends, including the emerging trend of kokedama (Japanese string gardens). We absolutely love this new trend and have some hanging in the shop featuring a few varieties of peperomia. Our minds started to wander thinking of all the cool plants we could do this with, including a window herb garden! Other plants that would look great are orchids, bromeliads, string of pearls, donkey’s tail, asparagus ferns, and echeveria.

Our favorite idea is a kokedama herb garden that can hang in your kitchen window. Can you say fresh mojito bar? The possibilities are endless and we’d love to hear your ideas!

Supplies | Soil + Moss + String + Plant

*NOTE: When selecting a plant, make sure you pick one with a healthy and robust root system. This will make the process MUCH easier.

Step 1 | Gather all supplies. You’ll need moist soil and moss. It’ much easier to work with if they’re both wet…trust us! Cut the first string before you start as well.

Step 2 | Remove selected plant, we used oregano, from the plastic pot and shape the soil into a ball.

Step 3 | Add additional soil to root ball to protect the roots and to give the plants room to grow.

Step 4 | Tie a short piece of string around the root ball. This piece just needs to be long enough to go around once to help keep the soil together. Trim the excess string.

Step 5 | Cut a much longer piece of string to wrap the entire root ball with several times.

Step 6 | Start wrapping! Keep wrapping the string around the root ball until you run out of string. Make sure to go in between the plant stems as well. Tie off string.

Step 7 | Cut the longest piece of string yet. It’s important to do this before the next step since your hands will be tied up. (no pun intended) J

Step 8 | Place moist moss around the root ball until the root ball is completely covered.

Step 9 | Tie one end of the string around the moss, then start wrapping until you’ve hit the end of the string again. Tie off the string.

Step 10 | This last string we cut will hang the kokedama. Tie the string close to the plant; if it’s too far from the plant it won’t hang properly.

Step 11 | Hang in front of a window or wherever you like!