IMG_7190Rather funny that I now think I need to give myself permission to take 15 minutes to walk my own gardens before rushing off to work.  I need to adjust my thought process quite quickly to regain some balance in my life.  Funny ha ha or not- I walked this morning!  My walk turned into quite a walk about… I was god smacked by all of the beauty and treasure that exists on our little piece of  this planet.   As if Persephone herself opened her own jewel box, our woodland garden has exploded with such sparkling fecundity.  The sunshine filtering through the old oak arms danced on all of the jewels bursting forth through the layers of leaves. Blood roots, with their tiny white diamond heads and the sapphire blues of the Mertensias hanging from the tips of their emerald green leaves to the myriads of erythromiums blazing across the expanses. Again, I say,  I was god smacked by the instantaneous amounts of life and beauty that sprung up in  a matter of days.



The winter was long for all of us but,  for some reason this winter erased my memory of what was to come in the garden. As I walked,  I felt as if I was seeing the wood and all of its beauty and creatures for the first time. The wood ducks did alert me to what was coming several weeks back but, little did I pay attention too what they truly were telling me. It seems as if all of the creatures in the wood were experiencing the same sense of wonder as I this morning. Every turn of the path I looked upon a moment I wanted to savor.

The wood is much associated with my own crown jewels in my head, my woodland plants from the common to the rare have flourished in the home I have introduced to them.  A colony of double blooming Blood root was in full glory- a true rarity to have, has slowly grown over the past fifteen years.




.I do not strip the leaf litter from my woodland beds and am rarely heavy handed in the gardens period anymore. A symbiotic relationship between the plants, creatures and myself has been established. I own no more of the wood than the squirrels or the toads.  I take my cues from their needs as much as mine.  We all were celebrating the jewels this morning- from the toads feasting on fat slugs to the miniature narcissus basking in the sun. The wood is alive in the spring and the creatures know I am one of them. My walk this morning was just the recharge  I needed. Perhaps tonight Ill stroll the wood and visit with the night crowd- I havent seen my owl friends in quite some time.