A friend from Los Angeles has been visiting this week and on this rare occasion I chided him that our January weather was warmer then his back home! Although I sympathize with the potential plight of the citrus crop, I am happy to have had an opportunity to be outside pruning the espaliered apples at the atelier yesterday. For me, it is a rare opportunity to have a few seconds alone with a quiet mind doing something I enjoy so much. My mind is typically in a revved up state of “do do do” “go go go” but, yesterday I was soaking up the rays from Apollo. It certainly was extra special to be outside in January without so much as a jacket- just an old D and G cardigan. I can say ole Fred Rogers would have loved to do a segment on me pruning yesterday because, I was singing and enjoying this brief warm spell, in my cardigan, much like the flock of cardinals that were flitting about the cedar hedge row. The winter reds and oranges of the birds was in sharp contrast to the bronze y hues of the winter cedars, a far cry from the pantone greens of their spring and summer garb. With that, an unintentional but actually kismit segway, The year of Pantone green is upon us for 2013! Although the cedars are several months from their green awakening I have been talking with many designers and editors regarding the colour of the year! Green! It is true I was on an orange kick last year and have come to actually love that mistress of mine but Green is my lady. The hues of green never cease to amaze me at how varied they can be.

Joe and I recently went to an art opening and purchased a large piece made by Ed Meese. HE suspends pigments in resin and layers these pigemnts allowing them to react and move in between the layers. We went to the opening wanting to support him never with the intention of being stopped in our tracks. The piece, ” Mediterranean” is a force of greens and the churning blacks-marvelous and very worthy of being the poster child for the colour of the season! Bravo Ed!

Today is Sunday and the weather is reverting back to a Michigan, January Grey. Our friend Bradly just said as he left “…can’t tell the sky from the concrete today!” Grey is not green and the gift we all enjoyed has passed. Now I’m thinking of my friend Greg Petty’s beautifully Knitted Hudson Bay Blankets with their simple garter rows…Stunning and oh so warm!