I know, the title is amusing but let me explain; some days Jody and I sing crazy little didies that get trapped in our heads for hours and hours. I was accused of having lyrical turrets, blurting out in song, obscure lyrics in what I think always to be a harmonius tone. Jody on the other hand sounds like a cat drowning in the deep, dark mill pond and we laugh. Regardless of either of our abilities to sing, we have a grand time at the atelier. As of late, we have been singing the Reading Rainbow theme to our helper, Ruthie Lane because Joe affectionately dubbed her, Butterfly. We all call her butterfly because she flits around, as cute as can be, silently dead heading and watering the plants at the atelier. “Take a look it’s in a book..reading rainbow…I can fly twice as high….” You get it i’m sure if you get the reference. Reading Rainbow was a program that was on the television when all of us here were younger. The nostalgic theme song is never far from our lips when Ruthie is around or when we walk into our offices where our library is displayed.

Well today upon catching a glimpse of our library, another blurt out, in song of course, happened. Yes, Reading Rainbow theme spilled forth once again. Our Garden library attests to how much all of us here at the atelier love books. Our Art and architecture collection at home is immense and filled with all kinds of hard to find titles and marvelous catalogues Raisonnes. Our Garden Library is just as vast and just as exciting.

I like taking small moments out of my crazy day to crack a book and gaze at the pictures for a spell, or simply read a passage and then place it back on the shelf. For me, a book will always be the experience I want to discover information by. I am a tech savvy gent but prefer the paper of a book to the micro chip of the computer. Some may say sad-but,I will say true, my books are on the same plane as my friends. My books have been with me for years and years through many life stages and will be with me until I myself am planted.

We will continue to treasure books and of course we will never stop singing.