Joe ran to Laguna for the weekend for his uncle’s birthday party and I opted to stay home to enjoy some me time with the dogs! Samantha, catherine and Courtney are working at the Bloomfield hills location giving me my first “real” day off in a long time.

What to do with myself, I thought this morning!?

I woke up, far too early, like a child on Christmas Day and loaded the dogs up to visit the market. Joe typically is the market man on our team and with his absence, I felt I needed to keep up appearances with our favorite vendors.

I am, of course a novice at the market game and purchased far too many bunches of freshly cut, field blooms for the cooler and shoppe. I did not anticipate the purchases and was driving my personal car, in which we loaded zillions of zenias, glads, asters and sunflowers. In a small SUV with two dogs and a semi full of blooms I drove off to meet the team at the shoppe.

In the laughter, I missed the opportunity to take pictures of the ridiculousness that unfolded as we opened each door. Flowers were spilling out everywhere!

Needless to say pulling into the parking lot was a spectacle and the girls had a huge chuckle. We all raced about to process the floral so I could escape to have my full day of freedom!

The morning at the market and then with my team was the perfect start to my day off!

This time time of year and visiting the market always makes me pause and appreciate the beauty that springs forth from our native soils. The veggies, flowers and our vendors are the best the market has to offer.