It appears we have welcomed Spring twice here in South East Michigan. We welcomed the buzz of newly awakened bees for a spell bizzly working the French Lavender topiary over last week and now we said hello to a bright white snow flurry this morning. I must say the recently placed Olive trees and Bay Laurels are less than pleased with my premature moving of them from their cozy winter digs at a local green house. Buck up I would say, if indeed they could listen, we needed them placed for the grand opening! I must admit I did tarry favor to the citrus that are still resting in their warm vacation homes. I don’t quite think the gals would have enjoyed the dips in the lower reaches of the thermometer over the past several nights. Soon they all will reunite at the atelier or back in the annexed court yard and soon Spring shall return in full warm glory.

The Michigan Spring with all of the bulbs bursting forth and wild natives blooming in our own little, Sylvan Lake, woodland excites me to the nth degree. The wood Hyacinth in full bloom across the front of the atelier and espaliered apples in near bloom are our mere warm up acts to the explosion of allium varieties poised to explode in the warmer weather. It is a great time to be alive with all of the positive stimuli around us! We had a fantastic Spring Open house last week welcoming new friends and old, Designers and Beautiful Ladies. The doors opened to the atelier and we were welcomed with such and embrace from the community that we had chills of excitement for the future to come. We have a great team here at Fleurdetroit and urbanscapesdetroit and we are all looking forward to the many exciting projects and plans in the near future.

We welcome Spring and we welcome all to stop by the atelier in Bloomfield Hills! Come visit us and the other marvelous garden shops in the area and then stop by Mr. Bill Robert’s B and G Road House for a delicious meal! See you soon!