It’s finally the Fourth of July weekend – the temperatures have been steadily rising and the backyard barbecue season is about to be in full swing. Create a stunning backyard tablescape with these tricks from our event expert!

#1 | Use washcloths as your cloth napkins. They are heavier and come in a wider variety of designs to compliment any color palette.
#2 | Set seasonal berries out on the table in ceramic pint baskets to add a touch of color. Bonus: they make a sweet snack for guests!
#3 | A heavy, washed-out denim tablecloth makes for a sturdy table covering that can easily be thrown in the wash.
#4 | Place succulents in the ceramic pint servers and scatter them down the center. Bonus: gild parts of the succulents gold or silver for a touch of sparkle.

Styling: Ceramic Pint Baskets starting at $22.00 | Cut Succulents starting at $12