More Often than not, as of the past several years, Joe and I have had a hard time living in the moment to enjoy some of the simple things we both once relished. We have been working seven days a week all day long with our businesses in the forefront of our minds. We truly enjoy our work and are very passionate but, last night was a welcome break to our current schedule. Our dear friends Gerhardt and Ken stopped into the shop like two little kids asking when are we going to be able to come out and play? They recently acquired a new canoe and have been asking us to visit when we had some “time”. Joe’s standard response is to tell people to ask me, for he seems to think I am the gate keeper to the Calendar. Without hesitation I told Ger,”-There is no time like the present! We will meet you after work!” With two big smiles the boys said, “great! We will see you later!” Taking time to enjoy bits of life are a must and we too often, as do many, fall into life’s patterns of busyness.

The lake was still and the dusky light last night was causing beautiful shadow play on the lake. Compared to our Olympic rowing buds, Joe and I were awkward goslings trying to keep up with them. Regardless of our out of sync paddling the evening was just what we needed. We needed the recreation, the stimulating conversation and time with friends. The moments unplanned always seem to resonate the loudest in my soul.

Upon returning from the Lakeside we enjoyed a wonderful meal built around Chicken Pad Thai and conversations spanning from architecture to silly life moments. Joe and I feel so fortunate to have a bevy really wonderful and creative people around us. These relationships nourish us as fellow creatives and we are learning to grab the moments and run with them. We Love the boys and thank them for a simple yet very memorable evening.