It’s that point in winter when we are all dreaming of warm days and sunny afternoons spent in the garden. Before we can enjoy mojitos with fresh mint we have to start the seeds and that process starts now! There are many tutorials out there using milk cartons and toilet paper rolls but here at fleurdetroit we enjoy a beautiful garden from seed to harvest. We’ve decided to plant two types of basil, lemondrop and lime. Herbs are a great choice for terrariums as they grow easily and can be enjoyed year-round!

Materials: Terrarium | Seeds | Soil | Plastic Liner | Gravel | Charcoal | Sunlight

Step 1 | Layer gravel, charcoal, and then soil in the liner. This will allow the water to drain without damaging the terrarium.

Step 2 | Plant seeds following guidelines on packet. We chose to plant basil ¼ in. below top of soil, every plant will vary.

Step 3 | Place planted liner into terrarium and water. *We used moss to fill the edges as our liner wasn’t quite as long as our terrarium.

Step 4 | Cover or close terrarium and place in window. Basil needs full sunlight and does best when kept at 50*F. Follow directions on seed packet to determine the best indoor location for your finished terrarium.

Step 5 | Keep an eye on the moisture and temperature within the terrarium and watch your seeds sprout!

Terrarium created by LeadHead Glass