Colour has a way of segregating people in their modes or actions-disdain or adoration. The lust or hate of red or yellow-The cringe of purple or obsession with pink. We are all as different in our likes of colour and the many combinations, as their are birds of paradise in Borneo. For me this season, as those of you know who check out Fleurdetroit’s Face Book page, am on an orange kick; a colour revolution which in my realm of consciousness has never included orange.

I always was a sap green or raw umber kind of guy, rarely venturing into the realms of such brassy and bold colours as orange or yellow. Perhaps the indoctrination of the German Impressionists that I have fallen in love with over the past decade has affected my attitudes towards the bold and not so wall flowerish colours on the spectrum. Whatever the case may be, orange has taken residence at the atelier this season and I am letting the revolution wash my mind in tangerine. This colour of optimism and good times seems to be reflecting my internal verve as the atelier takes root deeper in the Hills. I’m hoping by some scientific chance that the Wavelength 590–620 nm, which orange verberates at, will affect all those which walk upon our soils and spread the cheer of a fruitful season.

Not wanting to pontificate but rather spread the freedom for all gardeners to experiment with colour. Experiment with those colours that you yourself may never have ventured towards. Take as chance, take that risk to be goofy and make a fun mistake or discover a new favorite combination. There are those colours we are taught from early on that have harmony when blended together-I say shake it up-BE BOLD- BE DARING- BE FREE-No one will judge. AS with those German expressionists- their disjointed and loud colours make the viewer look at the everyday slightly different-a bit askew from reality. The magenta and pink mountains of Kirchner’s winter scenes are dazzling in their juxtaposition of reality. Pechstein and Nolde are not afraid of the bold colour wheel choosing to use colour as a vehicle to jarre or rethink the everyday. Be free and find your own revolution of colour, if not in your whole garden, perhaps in an annual bedding plant display-For the squeamish- that is a mere fleeting season-take the chance!

My orange revolution is amping up as the planting season progresses. I’m feeling the need to continue this push by punctuating areas with yellow tomatoes and giant orange, french, marigolds. AN explosion of bedding plants and vegetables will culminate into a symphony of orange by mid July-I can feel the buzz of the intoxicated Bees already.