Despite the cooler evenings of last week, there still is plenty of summer left here in Michigan. My body relished the cool eves and damp mornings of the past several days, wanting the Fall to take over the laziness of this hot summer. I am realizing though, with this latest heat wave, summer hasn’t left the building, no matter how much I’d like to be wearing cable knits and heavy tweed trousers. Time for fall fashion is coming- in the mean time dead heading tired annuals and perennials seems to be the focus of today.

The atelier has been a buzz with new projects both for the landscape division and for Fleurdetroit. Non disclosure docs and flowers, pool surrounds and gates, so much excitement left to participate in before the cool October days hit. Those October days though are near and dear to my heart for sure,as that is my favorite time of the year. To me Michigan is all about the cider mills and the falling leaves, friends and brisk evenings around a fire. I certainly can get lost in those day dreams-for now though, the focus is the tail end of the summer season, the lack of true rain and the appreciation of the warm rays of the sun as each day gets a little shorter.

A daily prayer for rain has not really been answered- I just wish we had a bit more rain to quench the thirsty earth here in Michigan. We have been planning this party for the arrival of our latest container from Europe and are a bit superstitious in the thoughts that all of the rain we had prayed for this summer will now be bestowed upon us on the day of our event. I do know God has a strange sense of humor-If rain he gives us on that day, rain he gives us. I suppose rain and champagne have a nice feeling on the tongue when spoken together. Truth be told, I’d rather count on one of those fabulous September evenings with cooler weather and clear skies for Jody and I will be festooned in the highest of high French fashion- Many layers of brocade and gold threaded material- Long Live The Sun King and Marie Antoinette. Long live a sweaty evening if it is hot.

The Sun King I will be for a spell before we all march into the fall season. The final throws of summer and the twilight of the Sun King have never felt so good.