I usually am not short on words or witty repartee but, as of late I have been crazy busy with things of every ilk. The free second or two I have is fully consumed by watching “found” episodes of Downton Abbey season three or  taking time to drink a glass of water. Needless to say, taking a moment to chat about something exciting on the blog has been the furthest from my mind due to time issues or lack of anything to speak about- until tonight.

After a full weekend of new and old clientele coming into the atelier, I decided to begin tidying up the shop and filling in areas that have been purchased clean, rather than bolting to go home. I had some grove armada pumping, the doors open to breath in the fresh air of this superb, December night and I was on a broom, an hour or so after closing, when in walked my friend and her daughter.  After 20 minutes into conversations I knew it was time to turn on the computer when they left, I felt inspired!

These ladies had Joe and I laughing so hard about everything this side of china. Little did she know she was walking into an hour of entertainment to go along with her potted amaryllis purchase-quite lovely and all whites of course.  SHe is always fun but,  coupled with her daughter-What a riot this Sunday evening was!

This evening further reminded me that laughs with friends are sometimes the very things needed for inspiration! This warm weather seemed to bring these moments of levity which have been lost is our furious pace this season.  Joe and  I were invited to a lovely dinner at our friends’ home Friday night which too, was full of laughter, delicious food and plenty of inspiration.  Marina and Sean provided a wonderful evening with spirited laughter.  These dinners will happen more often because, I will now take moments to spend more time with friends. Laughter and human connections help recharge one’s batteries!

December, although a busy time for many, is also a time for all of us to make time to laugh with friends and take moments to be inspired, enjoy an unseasonably warm, winter day and simply enjoy life.

Pine cones and wreaths- warm weather and laughter- a perfect weekend! Cheers friends,  I hope to see you soon for some fun moments and good conversations about design or anything else that may arise!