Who We Are

our culture

The creation of all magnificent and unique spaces and architectural experiences is found in the details. Cultivating the personal vision that informs these details or supplying a curated collection of floral and goods for your selection is our specialty. The fleurdetroit lifestyle is built on a few key principles: great design, fine object, chic floral, casual luxury, and plenty of laughter every day. Founded in 2011, fleurdetroit is the object-floral-styling offshoot of urbanscapesdetroit. Our focus is on couture floral for corporate, home and soirees, supporting our clientele in Michigan and beyond. Our atelier offers European and American object for the home and garden as well as refined gardening implements, hand tied bouquets, and cut delights. fleurdetroit also manages plantscaping design and care for private homes and businesses. We welcome you to stop into the atelier to experience our vision and get to know us. We always look forward to conversations with new friends and those we already ado

we are made up of...

...passionate designers, horticulturists, artists and art lovers, open-minded adventure seekers, poets, writers, eccentrics, rare antique scavengers, dog lovers, iPhone photographers, wine enthusiasts, cooks, foodies, champagne connoisseurs, coffee-and-tea drinkers, parents, musicians, goofs, lovers of the outdoors, over the top, a little dramatic, stylish and trendy, fresh, young, driven, curious, nostalgic, personal, enthusiastic, outgoing, can we say charming (?), snarky, romantics, people that sing in the rain or get lost in conversations, celebrity doppelgängers, cherry-stem-tongue-knot tiers, cunning linguists, selfie-aficionados, and friends.