A Design Journey

As designers, collectors, business owners, partners and friends, Joe and I have always charged forward in life and with fleurdetroit offering interesting design learned during each stage in our lives and in business.    

The magic of travelling through life is the journey and experience. We have seen and experienced many things along this path. We have been fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most important collectors and patrons of elevated and forward design in the country. For me, the most inspired moment of the last two years falls back to a visit to a home with the most incredible turquoise, highly lacquered painted library. I have dreams about the intensity and sheen of this room. It’s these moments that mark inflection points in my mind, heavily directing inspiration towards wild new directions.   

Our involvement with these collectors and doyens of design has further honed our understanding of design movements, and the conversation that happens between object and art within one’s living spaces. We have been dedicated to sharing our discoveries and our ever evolving take on beauty and design. In turn, we have been fortunate to have gathered a devoted clientele enjoying the journey as much as we have. As collectors, designers and curious souls, we thrive when we are in pursuit of beauty, knowledge and function.  

With the spring set 2024, we have shaken up the aesthetics of what has been presented in our showrooms to represent our journey as designers, collectors, and as a brand today. Although firmly rooted in exterior and garden design, we are just as intrigued and dedicated to bringing our aesthetics and interests to the inside worlds we live in.  

With our direct hand in curating the product offerings in the shoppes, we feel the fleurdetroit aesthetic is far more exciting and inspired as we set course into 2024. We will continue to pull from past design movements and pride ourselves on our ability to demonstrate the relevance of these objects in today’s home and contemporary living in this century. We invite you in to see the fleurdetroit of 2024.