A Sophisticated Halloween Display

If you really want to make a statement this year—avoid the plastic pumpkins! Festive holiday decor doesn't have to be basic. Go bold with your plan and introduce your favorite elevated design elements outdoors for an updated, modern Halloween display.

Traditional Items With a Spin

Halloween is a fun holiday for decorating, especially if you have children or host costume parties. You don't have to strip away the spooky and fun elements of Halloween—just bring them up a notch. Pumpkins and gourds are a must, but keep them in a neutral color palette. Skeletons can certainly be included, but look for decor that looks elevated in design, and works with your color scheme. Remember to have fun, while sticking to your design plan!

Go Monochromatic

Whether it's modern neutrals, muted blues and greens, or an all-white theme, monochromatic designs create an elevated overall look. Pick a palette and stick with it. Accent with metallics for a polished look. Keeping your design cohesive with color will make for a very sophisticated and modern result.

Play With Texture and Scale

Think about variations in texture when choosing objects to design your outdoor space. If you're styling a porch, choose pumpkins and gourds not only in your preferred shade, but with good texture and scale. Make sure there is height variation as well as a variety of smooth and textured surfaces. Add other design elements in velvet, brass or fur to create an eye-catching display.

Remember to have fun! Decorating for the holidays should be a pleasurable experience for you and your family. Using our tips and tricks, you will be able to design an impressive holiday display for all to enjoy this season.