An Autumnal Dinner for Two

As the leaves begin to change, and the weather starts to cool, we transition our warm and sunny décor to a more neutral and natural palette. Using seasonal décor mixed with vintage fine china, we’ve created an early autumnal natural table that truly sets the tone for the upcoming season.

Layering with Texture

We really played with texture for this table setting by adding in preserved leaves and ferns as the base on top of chocolate brown linen. Adding in a bed of natural foliage creates an exciting element. Our vintage china stands out amongst the organized chaos beneath it. The natural layering mimics a bed of rosemary under our roasted chicken, for a repetition design technique.

Design Seasonally

We love mixing in everyday seasonal pieces like these ceramic and cast-iron pumpkins. By tying in more refined dishware, we elevate these otherwise basic everyday décor pieces. It’s all about finding a balance. Play around with scale and tone when incorporating your favorite seasonal items.

The Perfect Setting

We present the perfect roasted bird as the centerpiece for the table. The gold rimmed platter makes the main dish stand out amongst the natural foliage and otherwise rustic look. The seasonal figs and walnuts rest beautifully on a cherry wood charcuterie board by Rough Sawn Detroit. Teak and olive wood serving utensils bring the natural elements all together.

It’s all about texture, tone and scale when creating a memorable seasonal tablescape. Keep within a theme and play with your environment. Your early fall table settings can be natural and rustic, yet refined!