August Reflections

Douglas Bloom was not only a second father, mentor, and major supporter of us at fleurdetroit, but also one of the kindest and sincere men we knew. Those that have been touched by Douglas’ huge heart and wit know what a loss to the world his departure is.  Our journey together over the last 23 years may not have been long enough but, was packed with so many memories and great lessons.

Douglas and his wife Barbara were my first clients and fast became family to us.  We celebrated all life’s milestones and holidays with them over the last two decades.  We watched as their very young grandchildren grew up and became young adults. As a “collected” family, we grew close and developed deep bonds.  

Douglas not only worked to make the world around him a better place through his patronage and support of many charities but, also through the support of us as we formed and grew our business.

I would often laugh with him and Barb, that they were the sole reason fleurdetroit existed. I would tell him that he had such an impact on the course of our lives and the 45 plus employees now working at fleurdetroit. I shared how powerful it is that one person (couple) can influence so much beauty and good in the world.  The ripple effect of this support has been felt far beyond just to joe and I.  This is simply awe inspiring when one stops to think about it.  

Douglas taught us many things and helped shape us into the men we have become. He taught a simple lesson that I will always hold dear. It was to make the world a better place by helping those around. His goal was to empower and support those around him.  As a self-made man, he instilled in us the power of hard work, loyalty and giving back to the community in which we live. With this valued advice, we built fleurdetroit into a company that radiated these values.

I often look around and think how grateful we have been to have such a loving mentor and supporter in our lives. His memory will forever be imprinted on the walls of fleurdetroit, in our charitable actions, and in our hearts and business minds.  Douglas was a force in this world that brought about so much good.  He was a humble giant in the community and in our hearts.  Our sadness of his loss is only erased by the gratitude and love we have for being able to share part of our journey with him. God Bless the man that helped shape the course of our lives in such a major way. May Barbara be comforted knowing his memory will live on and flourish in the hearts of the fleurdetroit family.

It’s so important to move forward in life thinking about the small ripples we create with those around us. A simple smile or a kind hello just might be the change agent needed to send someone in a new positive and unexpected direction.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a financial nudge that can make lasting change in someone’s life. Be kind to yourself and others as we drift towards Fall and on the rest of your journey through life. On your next visit look around with the knowledge that two kind souls were the impotence for all that you see here at fleurdetroit!