Bridal Bouquet Trends: The Power of Flowers

Flowers have the power to invoke feelings among all. From a child picking dandelions to proudly take home and give to their parents, to lovers giving flowers to one another—reminding people how loved and appreciated they are. Flowers awaken all senses creating new memories with vivid colors, reminding us of the past with a familiar scent and setting the mood with their silky petals.

The wedding bouquet is the ultimate wedding accessory, highlighting the bearer’s beauty, ensemble, and style. It sets the vibe of the wedding by giving guests a glimpse of the celebration to come. 

Wildly Organic

This wedding bouquet was created from foraged greens and branches manipulated into an oversized unique shape. Wildflowers and ranunculus are playfully placed within the bouquet, giving it a minimalist feel with a big impact. 

Timeless Blooms, Avant Garde Presentation

Taking inspiration from French and Dutch floral artists, each bloom in this luscious bouquet is the finest available presented at its peak. Architectural willow branches are formed into a teardrop-shaped frame housing the blooms. A daisy-chain of deconstructed hyacinth pips leads the eye through the design.

Airy Whites

A twist on the traditional white wedding bouquet, this airy design is filled with lush Playa Blanca roses and oversized Japanese ranunculus dripping with white clematis. This all-white wedding bouquet is sure to make a statement.  

The bridal bouquet helps set the tone or the vibe of your wedding ceremony. Your aesthetic comes to life depending on which direction you choose.