Building a Spring Arrangement

After weeks of blustery cold weather, we are counting the days until spring. We simply love all the things that come with a new season, especially the first sighting of spring flowers. In the following tutorial, we will be walking you through the steps of building your very own spring floral arrangement to help bring you a little sunshine.

Double Tulip - Variegated Leaf

Sweet Pea - Sunshine White

Pussy Willow - Michigan-grown

Hyacinth - Johanna

Hellebores – Snow White

Daffodils - Carlton

Prepare Your Space

Start with making your floral selections. We went with a seasonal and bright color palette. When creating your arrangement, start with a clean vessel and fill it with lukewarm water. To assist with the structure of your arrangement, it is helpful to use a flower frog, which acts as a grid. Make sure to use sharp floral clippers to ensure clean cuts that will help your flower stems drink more easily. Have a bin close by to collect your stems and leaves so you can clean as you go.

Build Your Arrangement

Start with a structural element. In this case, we have used pussy willow branches as the base for our arrangement. Cut the branches to your desired length and arrange them in an X-like pattern using the floral frog as your grid. Continue with your next floral variety, working from thicker stemmed flowers to more delicate stems. Make sure to cut your stems on an angle to prolong the life expectancy of your blooms. This will increase the surface area, allowing the flowers to absorb more water. Also be sure to remove any foliage that may touch the water, as this may cause bacteria to grow.

Watch Your Masterpiece Come Together

Continue to build your arrangement variety by variety. Play with the height and direction of the blooms to your liking and personal style, making sure each stem is submerged into water. Group smaller stemmed flowers like daffodils in groups for more impact. Remember that your flowers will continue to grow and open. Tulips will keep growing in the vase, sometimes up to 6 inches or more!

Enjoy the Beauty of Spring

Using these basic tips and tricks, you will be able to create beautiful seasonal arrangements to fill your space with joy. Spring bulb flowers have a beautifully fragrant aroma that has a way of filling your home with the anticipation of spring. Continue to experiment with different floral varieties and color palettes. There is no wrong design with floral, create what speaks to your heart!