Chasing September into October

‘September Charm’ anemones have been lighting up the beds around town. Although a rather polarizing plant for some gardeners, I tend to find myself in the camp of adoration these days. I’ve come to welcome the fresh wave of blooms this time of the year. Where waves of wild asters have begun to gently fall along roadsides, these Japanese anemones look like a boisterous flock of pink flamingos chasing September into October. Like everything, all have a place somewhere suitable to flourish and show off.

The autumn floral collection is out, the floral designers and supporting team have been in high gear delivering exceptional work. Our landscaping teams and container works designers are welcoming the cooler weather. Our high tunnels filled with kales and asters are a veritable heaven for pollinators. The shoppe is fully stocked with autumnal plants for purchase. Progress on several landscape projects has left me somewhat speechless. Joe and his team are building environments that are so exquisitely beautiful and mindful. I visited a few projects last week and marveled at the beauty and scale of detail, thought, and sheer amount of work that has been performed.

Joe and I are grateful to our teams that make our visions shine, and to our clientele who have grown with us over the years. It makes us smile as we begin another successful fall season. Sometimes fleurdetroit is the gentle asters, and sometimes the boisterous anemone. Wherever we land in your life, we thoughtfully bring you great design.

Welcome to October, welcome friends, welcome smart and mindful design. Welcome to fleurdetroit.

Be kind to yourself and take time to find that flock of flamingos or autumnal wave this October, and of course we look forward to seeing you in the shoppe!