Country Roads and Colors to Dazzle the Spirit

Cider mills and the sweet smells of autumn are steeping future memories within all Northerners. For city folk and suburban dwellers, a Sunday drive down a country road, during peak color, can take away the stressful noise of the week.

Connecting to seasonal patterns recharges the spirit and binds family ties with generational memories. That first mouthful of a warm cider mill doughnut awakens and announces to every cell in our bodies that autumn is here. The color in the trees is at peak performance and the November rains are soon to come. If only we could linger in this particular seasonal inflection point for more than a moment.

For most of us, these seemingly simple seasonal patterns become ingrained in our lives and add to the richness of our Northern climate. The cycles of ritualistic autumnal activities define order, anticipation, and a long-needed wind down in our lives.

Let’s take more than a moment to embrace all that November is before we leap into the holiday mindset. There are wooded trails to be walked, bounty from orchards to be plucked, fires to linger by and colors to be dazzled by. Get outside and feel the season.

In Michigan we have endless opportunity to enjoy what nature brings. At fleurdetroit we continue to celebrate the season with mindful design and attainable interior and garden objets. We welcome all and look forward to seeing you in the shoppe! Remember the annual Holiday Open House is fast approaching. Holiday décor will be on sale for this once-a-year event. Keep reading our monthly emails for my thoughts on plants that merit extra attention. Last month I focused on favorite fall bulbs, and this month I chose Callicarpa americana. I suppose after a few months, one will be able to build a psychological profile on this garden builder!

Be good to yourself and allow a few moments to just be in the season. See you in the shoppe!