The Cozy Fall Table

Warm colors, sophisticated patterns and a timeless mono floral arrangement is the inspiration for this cozy fall tablescape. When we think about fall, we think about moody lighting and a cozy aesthetic. This look is both approachable yet bold, welcoming yet private—a perfect autumn night.

Sophisticated Tableware

Japanese Imari ware is the first ever porcelain produced in Japan. The name comes from the port of Imari, where the porcelain was shipped to the West in the early 17th century. Imari ware is known for its high quality and originality—each piece is intricately detailed and elaborate.

To stick with the color story, we stacked our Imari plates on a Spode Copeland traditional English plate in the Fitzhugh red pattern from the 1970s. The Fitzhugh pattern, now discontinued, was produced from 1954 - 1990.

Balancing Details

With bold tableware, we wanted our other table elements to help balance out the overall design. We accented with shades of amber, from our taper candlesticks to our portable table lamp. We added in browns to help tie the look down. The rich brown plaid tablecloth and antique English Barley Twist oak wood and brass candlesticks are perfect to add richness.

Keep it Classic

Our floral choice is bold yet simple. Fresh picked, locally-grown burgundy dahlias from the Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative are arranged purposefully yet effortlessly. We placed the flowers in a Porcelaine de Gien handpainted Faience Peonies bowl and decided to not hide their beauty by other accent flowers.

This look can easily be translated into your own home or gathering for any intimate occasion. Using tableware with intricate patterns and adding in muted fall colors in a moody space can create a wonderful and dramatic setting.