Designer’s Choice: Wedding Edition

Designing a wedding can be overwhelming but still incredibly fun. The day is a blank slate and sometimes thinking outside the box can have beautiful results. I had the unique situation of working at fleurdetroit as a floral designer while planning my wedding—so of course I had to have my coworkers help make my day extra special.

Having worked on countless weddings over the years, I knew I wanted mine to be unique and that the flowers really had to pop. Going into the planning process, the only thing I knew I wanted out of my floral selection was a cascading bridal bouquet, I love the drama of a big floral moment.

I also knew we needed color to make the day feel more in tune with our personal aesthetic. While white floral at weddings are a classic (and always gorgeous), it only seemed fitting that my husband and I would pick a bold color palette to reflect our personal style on our special day. After sitting down with Darin to plan our look, we decided on a monotonal theme that was colorful, flirty and romantic: fuchsias, reds and pinks. While not characteristic for a wedding, these colors represented us and created a warm but exciting moment for everyone to enjoy.

Because I work at the shoppe, my experience as a bride was a lot more hands on—perhaps atypical but it made it so fun. I viewed my sample table during a workday, I sent Darin inspiration pictures for my bouquet a few days before the wedding, and I helped hand pick the kinds of flowers that went into creating each look around the venue. I also interacted with my coworkers while I was getting ready at the temple the day of, which added a little extra entertainment to my makeup and hair appointments.

The chuppah was one of my favorite parts of the day: it had movement, was full of color and life, and framed us perfectly. A chuppah is representative of the new home a couple will build together, and the team at fleurdetroit made us one that represents a life of love, passion, happiness and creativity.

Our wedding was beautiful and came out even better than I ever could have imagined. Working at fleurdetroit created the perfect space where my wedding ideas could thrive and truly come to life.