Designing a Moon Garden

What is a Moon Garden?

A Moon Garden is a specially designed garden intended to be enjoyed in the evening after the summer sun sets. The light of the moon can reflect off specific flowers, creating a soothing and tranquil space. Although these gardens are still lush during the daytime, they are best fully experienced in the evening hours.

Plants to Include in Your Moon Garden

Certain flowers and plants that work best in a night garden because of their tones, bloom patterns, and fragrance. Specific plants often included in a Moon Garden are:

White-colored flowers – moonflower (Ipomoea alba), white garden roses, jasmine, gardenia, and cosmos. White flowers tend to shine brightly in low-light conditions.

Silver or gray foliage plants – dusty miller, lamb’s ear. The texture of silver foliage plants tends to shimmer in the moonlight.

Night-blooming flowers – Angel’s trumpet, evening primrose. Night-blooming flowers specifically bloom in the late afternoon to early evening. Their distinct smell is almost lemony. Night-blooming flowers are also pollinated by nocturnal creatures such as moths and bats.

Fragrant flowers and herbs – lavender can be particularly noticeable in the evening, creating the ultimate sensory experience.

Why Would You Want a Moon Garden?

A Moon Garden is the perfect space for ultimate relaxation and nighttime enjoyment. Designing, curating, and installing a Moon Garden is a great project for any gardener level. Aesthetically, a Moon Garden exudes a romantic aura where one can gather to celebrate in a tranquil space or treat it as a solo retreat for contemplation and therapeutic measures.

Sometimes the rush of the day doesnt allow us to get out to enjoy our garden spaces until the sun has set. If youre a person who enjoys the cooler, quieter moments in the evening, creating a night garden oasis can be perfect for you. The best gardeners design their gardens, keeping in mind all times and phases within the day.

Reference: Moon Garden: A Guide to Creating an Evening Oasis, Moonflower plants are available for purchase in Shoppe, $24