Designing at Home: Holiday Décor

Holiday décor should accent what's already there—no need to put away your favorite pieces, just work with them. Follow along for a peek into co-owners of fleurdetroit, Phillip Morici and Joe Neiradka's home for the holidays. Let’s cheers the holiday season with décor that brings the outside in and augments an art-filled interior in a historical home.  

Bringing the Outside In

This holiday, our interior décor has the elements of a wintery wood. A canopy of grapevines with glass ice drops instantly added a layer of seasonal whimsy to the dining room. The surreal effect of the vines will persist far beyond the holiday, and they don’t interrupt the interior vibe.  

Michigan holly berries are the perfect natural and seasonal embellishment.

Cut cedar boughs, a Bavarian flourish for any surface.  

Highlight Your Favorite Pieces

Decorating for the holidays can be full of excitement and/or dread. For me, rearranging the interior to accommodate the ribbons and bows of the season can be stressful. This season, with a light hand, touches of greens and berries were worked around the interior spaces and artworks, with wonderous emotional and aesthetic results. No stress this season, and the home feels festive.  

Keep it Cozy

Our tree, an artificial larch, is festooned with acid green glass bulbs and silver, quirkily perched in a basket. It brightens up the corner of the living room with its Seuss-ical stature.  

It has been one of the least stressful decorating seasons to date, and I’m feeling the holiday magic!