Designing with Winter Greens

Displays of lush cut greenery bundles for sale are a true marking point of the arrival of the winter season. Their fragrance alone awakens your senses and transports you to a crisp winter day. Some cut evergreen varieties that we stock at fleurdetroit are cedar, pine, noble fir, juniper, and magnolia. Fresh greenery can be used both indoors and outdoors to create a natural design element. Think about sprucing up your winter displays this season with fresh greenery.

Winter Green Varieties

For an extensive list of some of our favorite winter greens, reference our earlier journal—Winter Green Varieties. Depending on your specific project and overall look, you may want to use different greens. Cedar, for example is limp and has that weeping look. It looks wonderful as a garland, whereas pine is stiff and works wonderfully as a base layer of a container. Layering greens is also a fun way to use multiple varieties.

Garlands, Wreaths & Outdoor Containers

One of the most common uses for winter greens is incorporating them into garlands and wreaths to bring seasonal cheer to your front porch and outdoor spaces. You can use twine or floral wire to bind branches of foliage into a garland. You can also hang a wreath, swag, or garland on your porch. Adding lights, sticks and pinecones is a great way to complete an outdoor look. Winterizing outdoor containers is also an easy and beautiful way to design with evergreens.

Floral Arrangements & Plant Embellishments

When designing holiday arrangements, think about replacing the typical, everyday floral greens like eucalyptus or ruscus with a winter green variety such as cedar or magnolia. Adding just a touch of a winter greens can transform an arrangement or an orchid in a modest and tasteful way. Play with different greens varieties in addition to other seasonal accents to create a piece that will bring winter into any space.

Tablescapes & Event Décor

When designing with floral for an event, you want to keep in mind what makes sense for your season. In the winter months, adding touches of winter greens is an easy way to make any tablescape dressed for guests. Creating a table runner of greens as a base layer is a good starting point before adding in additional décor pieces. Mantle pieces add winter drama to any indoor space. Winter greens can also be used as embellishments on charcuterie boards and table serving displays as well.

Use your creative energy to experiment with cut evergreens this season! Greens bundles are available in shoppe and for local delivery.