Porch Planting Fall Masterpieces

Spring and summer may be thought of as planting season, but at fleurdetroit, fall is equally busy. Our custom container team is busy planting cold hardy plants and flowers that come together to celebrate the change of season. Fall plantings can be just as colorful and lush as summer plantings, and our container team are masters at bringing the best fall moments to each client’s home or business.

Selecting Plant Combinations

Jenny, Ceci, and Jennifer begin by choosing a collection of ornamental kale, hardy grasses, fall mums, Japanese anemone, and other cold-tolerant plants for each installation. Combining these plants ensures that the planting will stay fresh and attractive through Thanksgiving. They work with the size and shape of the container, as well as the style of the home to make choices that will complement the overall façade.

Choosing a variety of shades and textures within a tight color palette is a classic way to create visual interest without looking over done or messy. At this home they used dark purple ornamental kale and bronze mums for color, and grass, rosemary and ivy for green texture. These plants all work together to create a moment that is quintessentially fall.

Add the Unexpected

The final step is the selection of heirloom pumpkins and gourds. Choosing pumpkins in unexpected, but coordinating colors completes the look, adds a little fun, and a lot of fall flair. Don’t miss out on adding squashes to your pumpkin mix. Blue Hubbard squash and acorn squash can add variety to your pumpkin pile and can be cooked and eaten at the end of the season! (You can just spot a blue Hubbard squash at the back of the pumpkin pile in the last photo.)

Have fun with your fall plantings, and if you need some help, Jenny, Ceci, and Jennifer would love to stop by!