Fall Dried Wreath Inspiration

When your gardens have bloomed out at the end of summer, and you want to find a way to continue to enjoy the beauty, creating a fall wreath is a great option. Simply cut back and gather a mix of your favorite garden grasses, seed pods and wildflowers to begin constructing a long-lasting seasonal design focal point for your home.

Dry the Foliage

After deciding on the varieties in your garden to use for your wreath, cut your plants, then gather and bind them with floral wire or twine. You will need to hang them upside down in a cool, dry space—like an attic or closet. Be sure to avoid damp rooms or direct sun. Depending on the plant variety, the drying process usually takes around two to three weeks to complete. Some of our favorite varieties that dry nicely are hydrangea, bittersweet, olive branches and bay leaf.

Gather Your Supplies

A grapevine wreath form is a great option as a base for a dried floral wreath. You will also need floral wire and sharp clippers to assemble your wreath. It's most effective to work in sections, creating "mini bouquets" compiled of a mix of foliage, then wire them to your wreath form. Continue this process all around your wreath, filling in all the gaps.

The wreath can be as tight or as loose as you'd prefer, using a variety of different dried elements, or even sticking with just one for a cleaner look. Feel free to adjust as needed and add in more elements in the inner circle of the wreath form. Use your creativity and design something to commemorate the beauty of the summer, preserved to enjoy.