February Chills and Netflix Bliss

February chills allow ample time for planning additions to the garden, reading, and binging TV. January strolls in the garden were balmy compared to the chills to come. I may be one of the few who openly admits to loving a good Michigan winter. Although I enjoyed the mild January walks, I am looking forward to the nose tingling, crisp air that only comes in February. The world seems cleaner, the gardens brighter in their wintry attire, and a multitude of birds and their chatter sharpen the air.


Cheers to all your February garden strolls and neighborhood walks. Celebrating the beauty that indeed exists in winter, even in cold February, can be good for us all.


Let’s hope Cupid’s arrows strike—and warm all, with the love of the season.

Remember to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to ebb and flow with the slower pace of this wintry month of February.