February is for Lovers

On these February mornings, I marvel at the changing nuance of the earth’s orbit around the sun. The sun appears low across the sky, yet is starting to ascend to a new path. February sunshine starts to give away the secret of a spring to come. This hint of spring is still camouflaged by short days and arctic chills—but all seems bearable amidst talk of love, primroses, and Cupid’s arrows to come.  

So here we are, marching into February with St. Valentine by our side, making plans to celebrate with lovers and friends, without a care about the chilly days remaining. The team at fleurdetroit has set the stage for lovers; lovers of plants, of design, lovers of all things beautiful and unique.   

In the garden shoppe, the greens are greener, and the cold is quickly forgotten once inside. The floral atelier and interiors showroom are layered with all kinds of new finds and gifts for lovers.  Blooms of blushy pinks, pure whites, and crimson reds in the floral coolers await their ultimate destination into the hands of one’s sweetheart.   

Fleurdetroit is a buzz with love and spring preparations. We always look forward to seeing you and chatting about the current season, and the new season soon to unfold. Bundle up and visit the design campus, or cozy up to your computer and check out the new online offerings.  

As always, we wish all things good to you and your loved ones as we move through a new month together. Cheers to our Pisces friends and all lovers in love—happy February!