Festive Winter Containers

Winter container season is different from all other seasons. Our gardeners transform into floral designers as they use fresh-cut seasonal pieces to create full, lush winter looks with no living plants. When correctly chosen and installed, winter container plantings will last well past the holidays and through all the dark days of winter—bringing a fresh and festive moment to your home or business. 

Create Height

In this example, Ceci and Dean began with bright white birch poles. The height and weight of the poles make it very important to set the poles deep into the soil, so they don’t blow over during winter weather. The white bark also stands out nicely during gray winter days, even in pots without lights.  

Build with Evergreens

The evergreens are added next. A combination of noble fir, white pine, and western red cedar were used in these planters. Each variety of greens has different qualities, and when they’re combined, all are highlighted and given a chance to shine. Sharp pruners and warm gloves are a must when working with evergreens, allowing you to work quickly and with precision.

Add the Unexpected

Ilex, or winterberry, adds a natural festive flair to the planters. Placing the berry branches in the center of the planter keeps the mess off the walkway when the berries eventually fall. You may also see birds snacking on the winterberries, as they are a prized treat in the winter months.  

The final product is fresh, festive, and will bring cheer all winter long!