French Tulips

With Spring beginning in earnest, we cannot help but bring the focus to tulips. While there are thousands of varieties of tulips, the one that can stop everyone in their tracks is the French Tulip—breathtaking in size, color and splendor! If you have seen these flowers before you know exactly what we are talking about.

While these tulips do not actually originate from France, their elegant appearance do give the impression they were plucked off the streets of Paris. Among the tallest, and the biggest of tulips, they have very long, strong stems, and large shapely blooms, which all makes for a fantastic display in any home.

Majestic Dragon Fish Vase by Wilhelm Kåge

Longer Vase Life

To ensure a longer vase life, we recommend always cutting your stems on a diagonal, at your desired height.

The next step will be removing any unnecessary foliage from the stems. While the amount of foliage left depends on personal taste, we recommend removing at least the bottom two to three leaves. Any growth left on the stems will divert energy away from the flower to the leaves. The more leaves you remove, the more energy will be reserved for the bloom, helping with the flower’s longevity.

Fresh, Clean Water

Once the stems are properly pruned, place them in your desired vase filled with room temperature water.  

Change the water every few days, or anytime it appears murky. As with all cut flowers, fresh clean water is imperative, as it keeps natural bacteria from developing, thus lengthening the life of your cut stems. French Tulips have a vase life around 7-10 days.

With these flowers, you can create elegant centerpieces, interesting and fun designs, or simply place them in a vase by themselves and enjoy the spectacular and singular beauty.